Author: Brian Cox

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The purpose of this “manual” is to provide authors and screenwriters with valuable information and insight to enable them to create a better novel or screenplay in the genre of thriller, mystery, detective, spy, action and adventure. The difference between a good novel or script, and a great novel or script, can be a greatly enhanced income.There can be little doubt that talented novelists and screenplay writers in these genres could create a blockbuster product if they understood how police and intelligence officers think, how they react and what they actually do. If a writer had access to this “insider” information, his or her product would soon rise above the competition. I cannot tell you how to write a book or how to write a novel if you are already a talented writer; I can tell you, however, how to make your book or movie much better if its genre is detective, mystery, thriller or spy. This is the difference between a best seller or blockbuster, and novel or movie that gets lost in the crowd.

The great majority of novels, TV shows and movies in this genre are so unrealistic, they could never be classified as great works. Plots are vital to these stories and a writer cannot afford to leave holes in the plot that a truck could be driven through. The purpose of this manual is to provide the “inside dope” on how law enforcement and intelligence agencies operate, and just as importantly, how the officers and agents think and approach problems and situations.