Author: Simone Beaudelaire

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Description:Six men enter the military, all for different reasons, but war bonds these disparate strangers into brothers, with all expected loyalty... and tension. War demands a terrible price, and only four come home, profoundly changed and not sure how they fit into the world anymore. As three of these wounded warriors move forward to engage in love, life and the future, will their damaged bodies and souls get in the way... or open the door to depths they never realized they'd be capable of? When body, mind and spirit are shaken to the core, and all illusions are stripped away, will love and loyalty triumph over madness, fear and danger? BOOK 1 - SAVING SAM This story deals with the mental scars of war, particularly PTSD. BOOK 2 - JUSTIFYING JACK A tale that not only addresses the physical wounds of war, but the struggles a soldier's family faces as well. BOOK 3 - MAKING MIKE The romance that not only shows the emotional trauma of battle, but the strength our warriors need in order to endure. It highlights the uncrushable spirit that allows our military members to push forward, reclaiming their civilian lives.