Author: William Wittmann

Category: General Nonfiction

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Have you ever wanted your life to run more smoothly? Have you ever felt you were missing an easier, more effective way to navigate life?Have you ever wished for help in figuring out your life?Clearly, my life coaching clients over the past 40 years have wanted to figure out their lives. You want to figure out your life; I want it, too. The fact that you're reading this means that you are ready to put your wishing into action by seeking help. And you know you can make whatever changes in your life that you wish.Moreover, you certainly want to stop doing things you know don’t work, things that ruin your life. You want to quit self-sabotage. You know what I mean, don't you?OK. I’ll give away the store now:Here’s the life coaching prescription for making your life work –Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. Yes, I know. Obvious. Right?But do more of what works and less of what doesn’t and your life will blossom. •You’ll feel aligned in your life. •You’ll feel at home, in your life. •You’ll enjoy healthy relationships. •You’ll be healthy. •In short, you’ll feel happier. But There’s A TrickClearly, there’s a trick. I feel sure you’ll uncover it with just a moment’s reflection – what works and doesn’t work isn’t always so easy to determine. And that is the point of this book. I will help you to figure out what’s working in your life so you can do more of it, and what’s not working so you can do less of it.These ideas need to be where-the-rubber-meets-the-road practical. If the changes only live in your mind and don’t show up in your actions, your life won’t blossom. Right?Certainly, you will need to act on your insights. Change requires action. Failure to act is the first, most fundamental item that doesn’t work for you or anyone else. OK? First, I’ll provide some simple yet potent strategies to help you clearly discern what works and what doesn’t work. Then in chapter after chapter I’ll supply you with tips and tricks that work for other people.At the end I’ll provide you a list of things that most likely won’t work for you because they don’t work for anyone else either. This list will act as a reminder of many things you already know, but certainly, some things on the list will surprise you.Imagine. When you read the book, you quickly…•Learn to know and trust when something works. Don't believe me, believe yourself!•Find out what the wise ones say about you. You’ll love this.•Find out how playing helps you. You’ll smile.•Uncover, discover, or recover the things you love, truly love to do.•Discover flow – what it is and how to get more of it.•Find out how you can live more freely by ignoring what others think of you. And stay safe at the same time. Check it out yourself.•Find out how to use bumper stickers and ancient wisdom to uncover more of what works.•Discover what miracles happen when you consider toast. Yes, toast. Simply unbelievable!•Find out how to use a simple trick to leverage your new life. Fast. I can't wait ‘til you try this strategy!•Discover the hidden power of pilgrimage to transform your life. Pilgrimages work.•Find some fast and simple tricks to make your life hum. Can the tail wag the dog? Picture yourself five years from now, having applied these ideas and insights in your life. Do you like what you see?If this resonates, get the book. You will have taken big steps on the journey to figuring out your life. You’ll like it. In other words, do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.This book works.: )