Author: Chad V. Holtkamp

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Do you love to eat as much as you love to stay fit?If the answer is yes, then it’s important to stay on track with losing fat and getting strong.

Ever had the urge to try that new diet or workout you just heard about? Wonder what happens when you do?

During 2014, I tried over a dozen diet and exercise plans from the likes of Dan John, Pavel Tsatsouline, Lyle McDonald, and a host of other health and fitness experts. Of course, I added in a few of my own modifications along the way to help with losing fat while gaining muscle, some of which were crazy stupid and some of which were sensibly sane.

Most even let me eat my beloved gooey chocolate caramel almond ice cream.

"Work Out, Pig Out" is a monthly chronicle of how I spent 2014 exploring the ups and downs of balancing diet and exercise - what I ate, how strong I got, and how I felt and looked, because that’s what really matters, right? Looking good and feeling good?

In the end, only you can find the balance that works for you. Until then, let me give you a few pointers from my yearlong quest to try to discover that balance for myself.