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Find out which 10 things women are looking for when they choose or stay with a partner! If you are looking to impress a the woman in your life, whether it’s someone you hope will like you, or someone who is in a relationship with you, then it can be crucial to understand what women are looking for. Sure, not each woman is the same. They are all unique individuals with personal preferences, but in a general sense, there are some things that turn them on and some things that just always turn them off. In this book, you will learn about qualities like:Confidence.Passion.Independece.Social skills.And other qualities many women are looking for. Find out what the top 10 is, and read all the information under the chapter headings so you too can impress the woman in your life. Discover the secrets, the things they don’t tell you but that they expect you to know and do.Keywords: passion, confidence, self-esteem, independent, independence, what women want, what a woman wants, woman’s desire, women’s desire, what women look for, what women are looking for, what a woman looks for, what a woman is looking for, alpha male, confident man, seduce women, how to seduce women, how to seduce a woman, how to attract women, how to attract a woman, attract women, attract a woman, impress a woman, impress a girl, impress woman, impress girls, attract girls, attract a girl, seduce a girl, romance, romantic gestures, romantic behavior, romantic gifts, casa nova, handsome guy, make a woman feel special, sociability, communication, communicate, communicating, socializing, socialize, social skills, communication skills