Author: Jillian Neal

Category: Paranormal Romance

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Before he joins the Gifted Realm’s fiercest police force under the indomitable Chief Dan Vindico, Rainer Lawson has a few things to take care of. Most of them involve his childhood sweetheart’s deliciously tempting curves that drive him crazy and her heart that keeps him sane. Emily Haydenshire is everything he ever wanted, and her family took him in as one of their own after his parents’ murders. Once he receives his inheritance, they can step fully into their adult lives, or at least that’s his plan.Though their passion burns white-hot, danger lurks around every corner, and the men that murdered his father aren’t backing down. Revenge, corruption, and greed turn Rainer’s fairytale dreams into a hellish nightmare. When Emily becomes a bargaining chip in a world he never wanted, he’s forced to find out what he’s really made of. His money and his career choice threaten everything he’s worked so hard to become. Will he stand by his convictions if it means putting Emily in danger? Can he join the men seeking vengeance on his father’s behalf? Is there more at stake than he ever fathomed?

In this introductory novel to The Gifted Realm Saga, we meet the men willing to take on evil and the powerful women that risk it all to stand by their sides as they discover that the ability to manipulate and control the energy of the earth and their own bodies can either be a powerful gift or a fatal loss. It all depends on who’s wielding the power.