Author: Wendy Corsi Staub

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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Now available for Kindle twenty years after it's original publication, WITCH HUNT, the beloved tale of Abbey and Elspeth is ready for a new generation of readers!Abbey Hanover's parents have just inherited a run-down old house in Seacliffe, Massachusetts. Being forced to spend the summer there is bad enough, but the place gives Abbey the creeps. Especially when she learns that Felicity Crane, a teenaged girl who lived there 300 years before, was falsely accused of being a witch...and hanged.

Then Abbey meets Zachariah, a guy who wears weird-looking clothes and talks strangely. So does Elspeth, who breaks into Abbey's house one night and threatens her with a knife. Soon Abbey makes a shocking discovery: Zachariah and Elspeth are really time travelers from the long-ago past!

Now, as Abbey suddenly finds herself hurtling back through time, she meets the real Felicity Crane. Can Abbey save Felicity from the hangman's noose...or will she be the one who's branded as a witch--and sentenced to die?