Author: Jeffrey J. Burger

Category: Science Fiction

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"Two possibilities exist; either we are alone in the universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying." ~Arthur C. ClarkeBook 1 in the Wings of Steele series, Destination Unknown is an epic science fiction adventure that reaches from the surface of our familiar planet and the safety of terra firma, to the dark, vast expanse of deep space and distant star systems.

Jack Steele is an ex big-city cop that left the department after losing a friend in the line of duty. Recovering from a tough divorce, he reinvents himself with a love of flying and restructures his life as a pilot for hire. Accompanied by his ever-present German Shepherd, Fritz, Jack will fly almost anything, anywhere, shuttling new & used planes for clients all over the world. He had never been a Boy Scout, but he is a man who likes to stay prepared and in control of whatever life throws at him. But nothing could have prepared Jack and his co-pilot when life suddenly goes drastically and violently sideways... in a direction and magnitude that no one could have ever anticipated. Wanted men, it seems like everyone on the planet is hunting for them and their only option is to run... but to where?

“A wonderful story, a great adventure. Full of excitement and action. Good guys vs bad guys, and yes very much like COWBOYS IN SPACE! What a hoot!”

An epic novel - 164,741 words