Author: Rebecca Patrick-Howard

Category: Mysteries

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Windwood Farm has a terrible secret-one that’s been buried for nearly 100 years. Taryn Magill aims to uncover it…or die trying.This mixed-media artist and urban explorer has a great love for old, abandoned houses and 30-year-old Taryn has never met one she didn’t like. In fact, she’s made a career  of painting these sad, often derelict structures, to show them in their former glory for her clients.

The "Devil's House" may be more than she can deal with, though!

The locals are afraid of it and even vandals have avoided this once grand stone farmhouse, claiming the sinister ghosts in the house aren't worth the adventure. Still, hired to paint it before it’s demolished, Taryn’s determined to make friends with the house that terrifies everyone else.

Their fears may not have been unfounded.

Whose cries echo throughout the house and what do they want? What force is SO powerful that it won’t allow the upstairs bedroom to be touched? Does the 93-year-old vanishing of the next door neighbor have anything to do with the house’s mysteries?

Taryn wants answers and the house may be trying to tell her because now, when she looks through her camera, she doesn’t have to use her imagination to capture the past–


Can Taryn escape with her sanity and life AND figure out what happened before the house comes down? Because now someone is trying to kill her! Using what her camera reveals and her wits, she’ll try to unravel the mysteries of the farm and get out before it’s too late!