Author: Donna Mulvenna

Category: Biographies & Memoirs

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When Donna Mulvenna is invited to go to France with her new man, she didn’t expect to find herself in South America, sleeping under the stars, and living an extraordinary and isolated life in the steaming, humid jungles of French Guiana. But that was exactly what happened.
Placing her previous life of comfort into the far distant reaches of her mind, she expected the adventure to last for a few weeks. However, this drifted into a few years, until she felt completely at home in the sweltering heat and anaconda-infested rivers of this amazing country.
In Wild Roots, Donna documents her deep love and respect for the Amazon forest, while making some attempt to depict the awe, beauty and isolation of this always chaotic, often bizarre and constantly frustrating place, so that you can appreciate, in some small way, how it captured her heart.
Written with humour, a respect for nature and a conscious knowledge that we must somehow rebuild our relationship with it, Donna Mulvenna shares with you an incredible life and a personal transformation, in one of the most inhospitable parts of the planet.