Author: Dan Davis

Category: Fantasy

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Archer has lived his entire life in the Vale. No one has ever left. No one even knows what lies outside. No one but the Alchemist. There is great power inside Archer, an elemental power straining to be unleashed. He knows that he can save the Vale from tyranny. First, he just has to escape the Alchemist’s Tower....There are others prisoners. The learned girl called Writer who has an affinity for water. The angry, hard Weaver who has always needed the earth beneath her feet. And a sweet boy called Keeper who can make fire dance across his skin. A handy skill for the Keeper of the Dragon.

Escape is only the beginning. The new friends must face magic storms, enchanted wolves in the Moon Forest and an English redcoat, bristling with pistols and muskets. Only together will they stand a chance of making it home. What they discover will change the Vale - and all England - forever.