Author: Jess James

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Selena Snow was the only daughter of the most reputable family in the town of Faer. After her father dies suddenly, she is left in the care of her step-mother, Ramona. Ramona took an instant dislike for Selena and has made life increasingly difficult for the beautiful young eighteen year old. When Ramona's dastardly actions tarnish Selena's reputation and banish her from her own home, the young woman leaves town for a new beginning.Struggling to survive on her own, she took a house-keeping job for seven bachelors living in an isolated cottage on the outskirts of the village. Little did Selina realise that they wanted much more than just a house-keeper.When her childhood sweetheart stumbles into the woods only to find Selena in a compromising position, Selena must protect her reputation, vowing to take revenge on her witch of a step-mother.