Author: Jean Wise

Category: Religious & Inspirational

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Are you hungering to draw closer to God? The practice of breath prayers has helped people of faith for centuries to connect deeper and more intimately with God.
Breath prayers are powerful, short prayers said in one breath, often only 5-7 words in length. Generally, this prayer involves quietly repeating a phrase for several minutes allowing the words to merge with one’s breathing. The idea is to pick a meaningful phrase and repeat it until it become part of your very being.
Breath prayers can be helpful when you just don’t know what to pray. Breath prayers slow us down and refocus our heart on God.
Breath prayers produce relaxation and peace to our lives. Each breath prayer expresses dependence on God, seeking to trust him more. Our purpose in breath prayers isn’t just to make us feel better physically or mentally, but to spend time with God and to deepen our relationship with him.
By being continually in prayer, our focus resets repeatedly to God. By experiencing his presence in every circumstance, we find the reassurance, trust, and love to get through our daily life.