Author: Mark Brandon Powell

Category: Science Fiction

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Out in the star ocean, the Frontier is a harsh place. Katrice Wylde knows this more than most. Most of face, and limbs were taken in an explosion after retrieving the plans for an experimental space ship and artificial intelligence. She thought she was dead, but was given new life by Ryker Mallory, her lover. It was there in recovery that she discovered Ryker was the one who caused the explosion in a attempt to kill her, and cover up the acquisition of the experimental plans. He replaces her limbs with cybernetics ones, and fixed her face to keep her as a trophy. She breaks free and is now on the run from Ryker, her ex-lover. Katrice wants revenge for what he has done to her, and takes back the artificial intelligence and experimental ship she suffered for. Ryker is furious when he learns of her escape and theft. He wants all of his property back, the most important of which includes her. She has hated cybernetics since she was young, and is now has to be paired with two artificial intelligences to control the experimental ship. One is always tired, and the other detests fleshy meatbags. Their lives are now in her hands, as they try to stay supplied and out of the sight.Does she reclaim her lost freedom, or start a new life? Each choice has a death at it's beginning, but she is not sure who's it should be.Author InsightQ:What was the funnest character to write?A:Bad guys are always fun to write, because you get to step out of yourself and think about things that you would never do before. But, I would say that Whisper was the fun character to write this time around. She is an artificial intelligence that has some serious hate for organic things. There is good reason for it, but she is forced to use Katrice as her connection to the physical world. So there is always a bit of tension for her, and it's hard for her to open up.Q:Is there anything that you want readers to know?A:First is that I am grateful to even have them in the first place. Then I would like to say that I really had fun writing this It was a mixture of a few things that I love, and I hope that people really love it.Whisper & Fury Categories:Space OperaWoman's AdventureSpace WesternColonization Science Fiction