Author: Kay Chandler

Category: Christian Fiction

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Born out-of-wedlock, Hezekiah (Kiah) Grave assumes he’s the shameful consequence of love gone sour. He and his mother live in squalor while his wealthy father, whom he’s never met, enjoys a life of luxury. When three self-righteous judges from a little country church inform his mother that her kind aren’t welcome in their fellowship, Kiah makes a dual vow to never fall in love or darken the door of another church. However, the vow becomes a hard one to keep when the prettiest girl in the land of cotton—the parson’s daughter—moves to Mississippi and sets her sights on him. When the parson’s car shows up repeatedly at a known prostitute’s house late at night, Kiah faces a dilemma. The thought of the preacher getting away with his little shenanigans infuriates Kiah; yet, revealing the incriminating truth could cause him to lose the only girl he’s ever loved.