Author: Paige Turner

Category: Contemporary Romance

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When nineteen year old college student, Becky, gets her first apartment, she can’t wait to experience her first taste of freedom. Unfortunately for Becky, things don’t quite go as planned and she quickly finds out that living on a shoestring budget and making all of her own decisions is much harder than she imagined.Fortunately for Becky, local millionaire Evan Riley is there to save her from a grocery cart full of pasta and a housewarming party gone terribly wrong. But how long will it take Becky to figure out exactly who the man who came to her rescue is?

As things become increasingly complicated between Becky and Evan, she is forced to make even more grown up decisions about things she never could have dreamed of. Will discovering that there is much more to Evan than she thought send Becky running? Or will she stick around and find out what it really is that a millionaire wants?