Author: Elena Garcia

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You deserve to be the strongest version of yourself so that you can juggle all that your life throws at you! Forget about dieting and torturing yourself with unrealistic fads...It's not about perfection. It's about progress.I wrote this book for a reason. I want to give you freedom from deprivation diets, freedom from bad days and hormonal imbalances, freedom from sleepless nights, and freedom from living in the past or in the future. The life is now!You deserve to discover something better.You see, most women are not living. They are surviving...Why?Because women’s lives are so busy and we spend so much of our time nurturing others, we have a full arsenal of excuses to combat our own efforts at maintaining our own wellbeing.There is no better day than today to start making simple changes that will make you feel and look so much better. You’ve taken a first step by having a look at this book and admitting that your lifestyle could use some healthy changes!Take one more important first step with me and reflect on where you are right now:-Are you overweight? -Do you need to lose just a few pounds, or do you need to shed 20 or more pounds in order to be healthy? -Do you want to have more energy and feel better in general? -Do you have a healthy diet but need more physical activity to become stronger? -Are you in good shape but know you have some unhealthy habits that are holding you back? -Do you need to find more quiet moments in your day for reflection and planning?If you answered yes to any of these questions, keep reading! Just a few small changes in your day will reap huge dividends in the effort to become the best and healthiest version of yourself. Women in general are perfectionist. We compare ourselves to what we believe to be the ideal woman, and when we fall short of that ideal, we beat ourselves up and we give up. There is no perfect woman. She is a myth. Point out those women you think are perfect, the ones you believe have it all, and I promise it doesn’t take long to identify the flaws and burdens that they carry. Stop comparing yourself to other women – the only woman you have to be better than is the one you were yesterday! Focus on where you are today and what your goals are for a more healthful lifestyle, a lifestyle that you deserve. Throughout the book, you will discover:-The nourishing power of self-love-How to get and stay motivated-How to quit "dieting" and create a healthy lifestyle you enjoy-How to stay organized on a busy schedule-How to create a balanced nutritional plan-How to stop feeling overwhelmed and feel empowered-Easy and natural weight loss tips+ much, much more...Focus on where you are today and what your goals are for a more healthful lifestyle, a lifestyle that you deserve. Are you ready to start feeling like the best version of yourself? Healthy, slim, energized, brimming with joy and positive energy?Let’s get started – what do you have to lose (aside from excess pounds...)?Download now and start your transformation today!Scroll to the top of the page and select the 'buy button'.