Author: Lily Stuart

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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Coming of age teen detective suspense thriller with a ton of humour thrown in... Webs is the first book in the bestseller Lily S: Teen Detective series of mysteries and thrillers. Girl sleuth, sixteen-year-old Lily’s policeman Dad is trying to untangle a particularly nasty death and Lily’s intrigued. She’s even more intrigued when she proves to him it’s actually murder. Perhaps she’d make a detective too? If only she could work out what would get Dad to dump awful Ange, grovel, and patch things up with Mum. Irritating isn’t the word! In retaliation, for awful Ange, Lily’s mum resorts to the web for romance; the world-wide-web. Convinced she can get her parents back together, Lily resorts to her own bit of web-weaving to trip up the candidates for replacement daddy. Whilst her school friends are up to their usual tricks; Matt is alternately ignoring and chasing her, Melezz is being the worst best friend, and Jacob is up to no good with his nipple tassel pranks again, Lily abandons the teen girl’s guide to growing up and instead is busy seeking justice – her own kind.