Author: Lorraine Beaumont

Category: Paranormal Romance

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Deal starts: January 13, 2016

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As a resident of Edenbrooke Hollow, Melody Granger is no stranger to magic or the world beneath the town where zombies inhabit the sewers, but finds she is completely unaware that witches and vampires are conspiring to outwit each other, and opposing forces are battling for control.When she acquires a spell book from a charlatan at the local Potions, Broomsticks and Beyond, and her spells start to backfire, she realizes someone may be trying to derail her carefully made plans to join the elite circle within her coven.

Melody becomes an unwitting pawn as she is manipulated to wrest control from those in power, but as those around her witness, she is not as helpless as she may appear. As for the mysterious man, or monster, that has apparently cast a spell on her, will he end up being her downfall or the love of her life?