Author: Paul Summerhayes

Category: Fantasy

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Book 1 of The Warden Saga, YA Fantasy series Magic, Murder, and Mystery As strangers in a new land, two brothers, Finn and Garm, are fortunate to be mentored by an old warden. Becoming a warden himself, Finn must uphold the king's law, whatever the cost. Events beyond his control force Finn to fight for his own life and for his friends against powerful foes as he searches for his mentor and also his father who is rumored to be dead. In his quest, he is aided by an unlikely ally and he is witness to the power of ancient and dark magic. A Warden Born is a YA fantasy novel that features action with a twist of mystery. Author, Paul Summerhayes, is a fan both of classical and modern fantasy stories and it shows in the first book of this YA series.