Author: S.L. Shelton

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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A moving story of self discovery and romance--with a lot of shooting and neck snapping.Actually, it's more like: Boy with low impulse control flies to Europe to save his ex-girlfriend from terrorists because he sucked at being a boyfriend and feels guilty.

Okay, let's be totally honest here: Smart assed tech with a secret even he doesn't know, is manipulated by his own brain to face terrorists, Russian Mob, the CIA and certain death for a girl he doesn't really love.

There...nailed it.

Book 1 of an Amazon Bestselling Series.

Scott Wolfe is a talented computer and electronics security specialist and an avid rock climber. He's a pretty typical twenty-something; he likes to party, he's bad at relationships, and he is a bit more adventurous than common sense would dictate.

He does have one trait that makes him atypical, though. That gift is the secret to his professional success—and it comes in quite handy when a rash decision turns his life upside down.

How much responsibility does a man have for the life of an ex-girlfriend? That's the question Scott has to ask himself when Barb Whitney, her father (a State Department Attorney) and twenty eight other diplomats and their families, are supposedly killed in a terrorist attack in Amsterdam.

When Scott gets a text message from Barb's phone after the explosion, he is propelled into an adrenaline charged operation, worthy of the intelligence agencies he is trying to avoid.

Dodging killers, organized crime, mercenaries and the CIA, he struggles against a clock that even he doesn't know is ticking.