Author: Ray Jay Perreault

Category: Science Fiction

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Virus-72 Hours to Live
Winner 2016 New Apple Ebook of the year!The Earth is hit with a suspicious virus that no one can explain. The President of the United States Arnold Patterson and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs face the collapse of the government. The President loses his family to the virus, the government is attacked, and they must deal with a ruthless warlord.
Commander Joan Herl, Commander of the space station Oasis, her husband Tom and the remaining crew deal with the virus running rampant on the station and they must find a way to survive. They must also support the moon colony Desert Beach and the Mars colony Red Dirt, who are dependent on their support.
As everyone deals with the crisis, two glaring realities become apparent. One, there is an intelligent computer that is their only link to survival and two there is another computer that has a different agenda.Suspicious virus attacks Earth and the US Government must find a way to survive. Ruthless warlords threaten everyone including the President. The space station Oasis is struck by the virus and the moon colony Desert Beach and Mars colony Red Dirt are stranded. Two computers emerge, one helps the survivors, and the other has its own agenda.

Suspicious virus attacks Earth. The world and astronauts on a space station, the moon and Mars must find a way to survive.