Author: Layla Wild

Category: Erotic Romance

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Kalla has always been a sensible girl - obediently completing her daily responsibilities as a commoner to one of the most powerful Vikings in the land. She was quiet, and she liked being unseen, doing her best to remain as undetected as possible. But when Kalla is asked to take over the position as her master’s personal servant, she becomes the sole focus of Volgar the Thrasher’s implacable attention.Known infamously for his harsh, wild abilities on the battlefield and his similarly great prowess in the bedroom, Volgar was a mighty presence who was known for his predatory hunger. He was a hurricane of a man, leaving ruin in his wake, and in bed.

Within moments of their first encounter, Kalla falls prey to Volgar’s hunt and she doesn't want to leave. Then she learns of the bonds that tie them together...