Author: Dale Hammond

Category: Action & Adventure

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Dean Mason is the Bleeding Skull, struggling masked protector, fighting for the lost in a city that’s abandoned them. Tracking down a missing college student, he faces down those that would trade in flesh and broken wills and uncovers crimes so depraved it shocks even the jaded denizens of Victim City. Pray for the Bleeding Skull in The Chains that Bind, the Skull that Bleeds.George Murdam is the Murder Man. Victim City is his hunting ground, killing for cash and feeding a dark hunger for blood and suffering. A man without pity and beyond redemption, he follows the blood stained trail of hired guns that strike from the shadows. Survive the unrelenting assault of the Murder Man in Violation: Red Holes.

Graduating teenagers party at an abandoned lake house. Kegs are drained, hearts are broken, bodies are used, blood is spilled. They didn’t think they would have to live with the shame. They were right. Beer Bong Bloodbath.