Author: Annie Boone

Category: Historical Romance

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Deal starts: November 22, 2016

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Veronica is grieving for her husband. He wasn't supposed to be killed while trying to support his wife. But that's exactly what happened. Now he's gone and she's alone.She gets an idea from her friends in Bible study that she doesn't really want to try. She feels that she doesn't have any other options, so she writes a letter to a man looking for a mail order bride. She's nervous and afraid, but proud for taking control of her future.

Mitchell Sartain seems like the perfect rancher man and he needs a wife. As he and Veronica write letters, they learn more about each other and both realize they're a good match. He invites her to Kansas City and she accepts. It's almost Christmas and a Christmas wedding celebration would be the perfect gift for his parents.

The letter she sends before she leaves, doesn't arrive before she does. The secret she's kept from him may be their undoing. In fact, she's making other plans almost from the moment she arrives.

Will this secret be too much for him to handle? Or will the good man he is take over and make sense of an impossible situation?