Author: Sara Butler

Category: Science Fiction

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Refugees eager for a new home, but can they handle freedom?Vengeance Is Mine continues the Earth MetaMorphosis trilogy started in Native Storm. A flood has destroyed the home of the religious Hive community, and the Native merchants nearby provide them with food and shelter. But the rescuers want repayment for their kindness and soon become master and the refugees their slaves.Thanos Matthiason has been rejected by his native islanders for his love of technology. But despite his studying in Fleet, no one wants a Native engineer, especially in the aftermath of the twentieth-night murders (Native Storm, Earth MetaMorphosis book 1). For over a year, he has planted crops, cleared land, and planned a community in the uninhabited north where both Native and Fleet can live together and pursue their own dreams. He longs for a place where he can raise a family and be part of a community.When he returns to the southern lands, he discovers that his own people have become slave-masters over the remains of the religious community. The leader of the Hive begs him to use the refugees as a ready workforce for his new land, but Thanos is skeptical. He knows those from the Hive were slaves to their faith just as they are now slaves to the merchants. They don’t even know what freedom means. He sets out on his quest not only to free them from their debts but from the imprisoning force of blind faith.A faith-based parallel of the great exodus of the Bible, Vengeance is Mine is the second in the Earth MetaMorphosis series continuing the story introduced in Native Storm. The final installment in the series, Faith of the Father, releases December 2016. The trilogy traces the transformation of the colonies on the changed Earth through the struggles of those caught between cultures. The protagonists struggle with questions of hope, equality, tyranny, and faith in creating the best future for Earth.