Author: Becky Moon

Category: Paranormal Romance

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"Melinda is an average, single, nerdy 29-year-old seeking to work her way up the ladder as a detective in St. Louis. When she gets called to an emergency meeting at the precinct she is certain that she is getting her chance to take a crack at a real case. As it turns out, she does, but only because several detectives and policemen have gone missing in the city and they need all hands on deck.Melinda goes into it thinking she has been given a grade A mystery; but finds it goes farther than a typical murder when she ends up kidnapped by a mysterious creature of the night who is also hauntingly attractive. Is he the one who has been picking off her coworkers, or is there more to the story than even her wild imagination can fathom?

This case will change the way Melinda sees the world forever."