Author: Veronica Miller

Category: Paranormal Romance

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Are you struggling to find a great romantic novel? Then you have come to the right place. Let the Queen of Romances present to you an amazing love story. A story that you will fall in love with. This book is for everyone to enjoy!PREVIEW

Luna belonged in a vegetarian vampire clan. She had never consumed human blood ever since she was born. It was one of the things she was proud of. When she turned twenty-one, she decided to live amongst humans and study in a university to experience new things. Everything was going very well. Until, she met her best friend’s brother, Luke. The only human being who has a blood that awakens the thirst she had never experienced for humans in her entire life. Aside from his blood, Luna was attracted to him with a hope that it’s not impossible for a human and a vampire to be together. But how was she supposed to be with Luke if every time he’s around a monster inside her want’s to suck the life out of him? Will Luna find a way to quench her thirst?