Author: Riley Moreno

Category: Mysteries

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Julie Edwards is a recent college graduate who is planning to go on a road trip across the country
with her best friend, Kim. The day before they depart, the girls are given a party by Julie’s mother, Sharon, and her stepfather, Greg. Sharon seems nervous at the prospect of the girls taking off for parts unknown, but Greg sees no harm in the adventure. The girls set off and after driving through the morning, they stop at a small town diner for a bite to eat. They are accosted by a strange looking man, but two cute and seemingly charming boys, Matt and Pete, quickly intervene.(Little spoiler alert!) The boys join the girls for lunch. Kim takes to Matt, and the shy, virginal Julie finds herself drawn to Pete. Following their meal, the boys take Julie and Kim for a hike in the nearby woods, and after a few too many drinks, Matt and Pete invite them to a cabin that they’re using for the summer. Kim is quick to go with Matt into another room, but Julie isn’t as sure of herself with Pete. He puts her at ease but then promptly knocks her out.

Julie awakens to find herself Pete’s prisoner, and he cruelly explains that she and Kim are about
to be forced into sexual slavery for his many wealthy clients. Julie is terrified and tries but
fails to escape as the hopelessness of the situation starts to sink in.

Ethan Graff is a financial advisor plagued by both loneliness and insomnia, the latter related to a trauma he survived in his younger days. Ethan meets with a potential client, the wealthy Carter McCord. He soon finds himself invited to the home of Carter’s future father-in-law, Geoffrey Troxel, and both men ask Ethan to join them for a weekend getaway. Ethan is hesitant, but ultimately agrees to go along. When the men arrive at a secluded cabin, Ethan is horrified by the sight of two young girls, obviously abused, and definitely being held against their will. He manages to get some of the story from the shattered Julie and decides on the spot to try to save them. What follows is a night of close calls in the dark forest at the end of which the story really starts taking it's turns.