Author: Jason Runkel Sperling

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Unplugged: 15 Steps to Disconnect from Technology and Reconnect with Nature, Yourself, Friends, and Family provides you with the tools that will allow you to change your parenting approach and improve your family's health, happiness, and connection.What if a few new activities could completely transform your family? Imagine waking up in the morning feeling excited to take on the day. This book will show you how to increase your happiness, health, and connection with a few simple steps.

In his third book, Amazon bestselling author Jason Runkel Sperling covers 15 steps to improve your connection with nature, yourself, friends, and family.

Here are a few things that you will get out of Unplugged:

How to…

- Apply the Law of Attraction to help you unplug.
- Build your tribe when you're starting from zero.
- Utilize your circle of influence to inspire motivation.
- Look at your life through a victim vs. leader perspective.
- Choose to FLY when you crash.
- Employ the power of efficiency to increase your happiness.
- Disconnect from technology to focus on what really is important.
- Stay safe in a complex world.
- Conquer attachment and desire.
- Use love to build sustainable momentum.
- Emphasize small wins for big results.
- Listen to truth and generate vitality.
- Develop your audacious dreams to enrich your life.
- Discover a wise sage to guide you into nature.
- Delegate your fears and worries.

BONUS: Templates, worksheets, tips, checklists, examples, and other resources to inspire you and make taking the first step easy.