Author: Mikel J. Wisler

Category: Science Fiction

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The X-Files meets The Conjuring in this blend of sci-fi and horror that follows trouble FBI agent Nicole Mitchell and paranormal debunking psychiatrist Dr. Alan Evans as they race the clock to save a disturbed girl from vanishing into thin air as she claims aliens will abduct her. One year ago, a boy mysteriously went missing after claiming to have been abducted by extraterrestrial beings multiple times. No trace of him has ever been found.Now, Boston-based Special Agent for the FBI, Nicole Mitchell, is brought back from administrative leave when a girl in the same New Hampshire town also claims to have been abducted. The girl's story bears eerie similarities to the case of the missing boy Mitchell investigated the year before.

Certain that someone is using the powerful suggestion of UFOs and the alien abduction scenario to kidnap these kids, Mitchell enlists the help of paranormal debunking psychiatrist, Dr. Alan Evans. But who among the locals knows the truth? Is it the girl’s parents, the peculiar new pastor in town, the local police? As the case unfolds, Mitchell and Evans are confronted with a much darker and far more sinister reality than they ever expected. Nothing could have prepared them for what they are about to encounter.