Author: Christian Olsen

Category: General Nonfiction

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Learn more about your man, your husband, or your boyfriend. What are men like? They aren’t all the same, are they? Well, no, of course not. But there are certain traits you will find more easily in a man than in a woman. A man thinks differently, he plans differently, and he consists of different impulses from a body which triggers distinct processes in the man’s mind. The male brain and the male body have their influences on specific patterns and behaviors. This book includes:More insights in a man’s communication style. This may surprise you.Learning what stimulates a man’s sexual desire and his view and motivation for intimacy and sex. Biological and psychological add to the facts in this book.Learning how to deal with his stress, turn-offs, self-confidence, and arguments.Additional tips to help him become the hero he was meant to be, and be focused on the right things. Keywords: understanding men, understand men, understanding man, understand man, how to understand a man, how to understand men, dating men, how to date men, marriage for men, marriage, marriage men, marriage advice, marriage tips, relationship advice, relationships advice, relationship tips, relationships tips, relationships hacks, marriage hacks, discover men, discovering men, knowing your man, for wives