Author: Katherine St. Clair

Category: Historical Romance

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Annie Price is as wild as the land she lives on. Trying to squeeze herself into the confines of a proper lady in 1902 Texas, Annie finds herself veering recklessly from the expected path. She spends her time on Good Prudence Ranch healing the local animals, riding too fast, and and living too large.Patrick Mc Allister lost his dearly loved wife three years ago but she left him with a special part of herself, Patrick’s five-year-old son. Patrick’s son has been nicknamed “Kick” for a reason, he’s little boy with a fiery soul and good aim. It has been difficult for Patrick to be both mother and father to Kick but Patrick has been happy with his single status. The rest of the Mc Allister family, however, are not. His father and siblings have begun to demand he find a new wife to raise his unruly tot.

Except... Annie's and Patrick's families have been feuding for years, being neighbor rivals. Will they find love despite the odds stacked against them? Follow their touching adventures and grab your FREE copy today!