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The fear of failure is one of the most devastating problems we can face. It stops us from pursuing our dreams in work, relationships, and even our hobbies.

In this book, you'll discover the surprisingly simple approach to overcome the fear of failure... and finally bring your dreams into reality. Including...

* 20 ways to relax in 5 minutes or less... (Use these simple activities "in the moment" to ease fear of failure instantly.)
* Most people try to power through their fears and "act anyways." This actually makes the fear worse. Discover the 3-step "tension dissolving" strategy you can use instead.
* How to help kids deal with fear of failure in a healthy way. Once you learn this simple process, you can also use it to calm even your most paralyzing fears.
* The hidden reason for Lance Armstrong's fall from grace... and how you can avoid getting caught by the devastating "success trap."
* How Johnny Carson's fears compelled him to go into show business
* A simple way to "hack" your subconscious and disarm fear (this works even with deep-rooted and life-long fears).

"Unchain Your Dreams: The Fast And Easy Way To Conquer The Fear Of Failure" is for anybody who feels like fear is stopping them from having lasting success and happiness.

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