Author: Jason Rice

Category: Science Fiction

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“When the king commands, no subject shall refuse.”
An uneasy peace has endured for over three decades during King Ali-Stanley Wamhoff’s rule, but unrest is brewing. The simmering cauldron of vile hatred among the ruling families threatens to boil over and burn everyone in its vicinity.
When the prosperous Duke Jon Colbert is summoned to the King’s Castle, only one thought fills his head. He assumes the financially inept King wants to take even more of his fortune and end the long-standing feud between the two houses. However, Jon is disgusted at the expected method used to seal the peaceful settlement and he will never forget or forgive that King Ali-Stanley had his father murdered.
The unmarried eighteen-year-old Prince Ali-Ster has recently returned to the Capitol after serving extended war duty. The Duke’s daughter, Mariah, is seventeen and the King has ordered Jon to have her in attendance. Jon can only conclude that the King’s wish is a marriage pact involving his only daughter with the family he most despises. He can barely even stomach the thought of being united with the house of foxes for whom he has nothing but antipathy.
Will the indomitable Duke bend a stiff knee or risk treason to be the first man in many years to openly defy his king?
“Fire shall fill the sky when darkness and evil battle honor and bravery, thunderously shaking our world as we once knew it.”
The long journey begins for some unexpected heroes to defend the earth against the demons. Some don’t yet understand what they are in for, including a rogue warrior who seeks redemption for his rotten soul. Many seek a throne, but most hunt the elusive Pearl of Wisdom for its magical powers and ability to summon dragons.
The story is told from multiple points of view that sweep you around a realm and beyond to give a truly epic scope. Queen Emilia, Princess Leimur, members of rival families, knights and the rogue warrior tell the tales of a lost kingdom, omitted from history. Good versus evil can appear transparent or blurred as motivations of revenge and soul-inspired redemption become entangled in a forgotten world of deception and drama. Separate storylines eventually converge to create a vivid literary tapestry of interesting characters with questionable intentions.
This book is intended for a mature audience.