Author: Paige Powers

Category: Contemporary Romance

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This is the continuation of Zeke’s and Gabbi’s story, after seven years of living separate lives. After Gabbi’s departure, Zeke tried to live alone and overcome his drug addiction. He didn’t have the money to put himself into rehab, so he did his best to curb his cravings and stayed away from things that might tempt him to give up. He forced himself to live in that kind of struggle for a long time, his hatred for Gabbi fueling his desire to be on top.Now, seven years after, he succeeds. He becomes a billionaire, and changes his surname from Torres to Black. He’s now well known as Ezekiel Black, a hard and ruthless businessman. But not everyone is lucky enough to see his face, and only a very few are able to transact business with him personally. Gage, Zeke’s second in command, the one who conducts all his businesses, is the only person who knows him personally, and the only one he trust. Zeke seeks Gage’s help to investigate and search for Gabbi and when they found her, Zeke forms a plan to take revenge. He plans on making Gabbi feel all the pain she inflicted on him when she left. He and Gage manipulate Gabbi’s surroundings so that she will somehow work for Zeke’s company without her knowledge. Gabbi meets Zeke, and she’s very happy to finally see him. She apologizes to Zeke for everything and Zeke brushes it off, saying it doesn’t matter anymore. Gabbi tries to be professional at work, but Zeke showers her with so much attention. Zeke woos her, and they go on a date many times. All of their moments together are blissful, and Gabbi feels like it’s a dream come true. But Zeke finds himself feeling guilty because of his plot against Gabby, and starts to consider that he should stop. However, his lingering anger and bitterness confuses him as to what he has to do. A certain incident causes Gabbi to learn about Zeke’s evil plot. It breaks her, it pains her, and it angered her. It’s like what happened in the past, when Gabbi found Zeke’s secrets and their relationship goes downhill. All the bad memories swirl between them, threatening to end what little bond they currently share.


Billionaire Ezekiel Black had lived through the darkness all his life. Hatred and anger swirled around his world, and he found himself drowning in madness. He had memories of certain joyous moments, the times when he could still smile and laugh, those times he spent with the one person who gave him the most painful memories that scarred him. Now, he doesn’t want to do anything with these crucial memories. All he ever wished to do was plant the same pain on the person who left him broken, and see for himself that she suffers.

That’s what he wants. That’s why he seeks the help of his friend, Gage, to search for and investigate a certain Gabriella Barrett.

Gabbi, now matured and fierce, still nurtured a soft spot for the man she grew up with. Her best friend, the one she loved and left. It gave her hope when she met him again. It gave her an opportunity to make up for all the years she missed in his life, for all the time wasted.

Yet, will Zeke’s secret break them again? Will the memories they kept, the happy ones and the painful ones, still matter? Does history really repeat itself?