Author: M. L. Ray

Category: Paranormal Romance

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Kath wakes up amidst uncontrolled rogue vampires. She remembers the nightmare of how she landed in such an unfamiliar and dangerous place. Gregory discovers her abduction and springs into action. He leads a hunt to search for Kath. She endures three months of captivity before Greg discovers her exact location and came into rescue. Greg saves Kath and brings her back to safety.However, Kath’s body is so damaged and brutalized, she goes into a coma. She sleeps for months and wakes up hating Greg. She learns about Greg being a vampire, her watcher, guardian and trainer. She treats Greg coldly. In her mind, Greg lied to her and faked his love for her. Greg makes it up to her and finds ways to show her his love is true. Greg comes with Kath when she wants to visit her place again. On their way home, they discover a new war has broken out. Kath asks Greg, is there another war brewing? Although Greg can’t answer her question, his response is enough to trust him, enough to follow him wherever he may go.


Caught in the middle of power-hungry immortals, Kath is determined not to give in. Will her questions about her life be answered? Will she be able to face the truth behind who and what she really is?