Author: Stuart Cumberland

Category: Horror

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True Ghost Stories is a book filled with thrilling tales of real life connections with ghosts, paranormal activity and unexplained phenomenon. Stuart Cumberland shares first-hand stories from his experiences as a paranormal investigator and other spooky tales from first-hand accounts or verified true. Stories that will chill you, inspire you, and thrill you. What happens when a seance goes wrong? (You may never use a spirit talking board after this) Can a murdered woman have revenge on her murderer? (A ghost actually testifies at trial) How far will a dead mother go save her living child? (Multiple reputable witnesses experience ghostly encounters) And more...WARNING: Some of these stories will keep you awake at night... you might want to leave on a light! Pleasant dreams. Or nightmares. Whichever you prefer! The answers are in this Kindle short read of 12K words.