Author: Nikki Simms

Category: African-American Interest

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Who said loving a man was easy? Love is like a battlefield, you have your good days then you have your bad. In Jazmyn's case the bad outweighed the good .This isn't your ordinary love story. Jazmyn was in love with her boyfriend Prince of four years, but after the constant cheating and being his human punching bag, she is finally fed up. The only problem is she is too scared to leave.
Prince is your average pretty boy type. The kind that thinks he can have any woman he wants just with the lick of his lips. He is deadly in love with Jazmyn and won't let nothing or no one get in his way or try to take his girl. That is until Justice Carter comes into the picture.
Fresh out the pin and back home to claim what is rightfully his, Justice is a force to be reckoned with. While serving a four year bid, he left to his best friend Diesel who tried to take him for everything he made a name for. But with the help of his brother Harlem they make Diesel wish he never crossed him.
Harlem is handling his business and locking down his brothers territory. He has another side to him that nobody wants to meet. After years in therapy, he learns how to control his anger. He is in love with a chick he thinks is too scared to love. But after realizing she's not the woman he thought she was, things get deadly.
Samya and Jazmyn are best friends. With a mother as a crack head and a dead beat for a father, Jaz's mother Tuesday takes her in and raises her as her own. She is hard working and don't take no shit but is far from perfect herself. She has secrets and skeletons in her closet so big that she is to scared to tell anyone including Jaz. She is in love with Harlem but even he don't know about her past.
Treat me like somebody is filled with drama and suspense. Secrets will be revealed and love will be tested. Will friendship get in the way or will love conquer all?