Author: Deb Burns

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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Uprooted by her parents from a perfectly good life in San Francisco at the beginning of her senior year and transplanted down under into the suburbs of Melbourne Australia, Emma is angry. This is the year when all the hard work she had put into her school career should be paying off, the year when she was going to be somebody.A move like this, would be a significant struggle for most people on its own, but the suckiness of this story does not end there. With boxes still sitting unpacked in the garage Emma’s father manages to lose the job that he dragged his family halfway around the world for, and to put icing on this horrible cake, her parents seem to have started hating each other.

On the upside there is a strangely hot boy living next door with his own crazy family; and an even hotter boy who is also interested in Emma; a weird book her mother gave her for Christmas that’s helpful at times, but does her head in at others; and Zephyr, who keeps popping up and looks like she’s making an art form out of depression.

What does Emma really want in all this? She wants to take charge of her life, but is that possible when everyone in her life seems thinks that they know best what’s right for her?