Author: John Windsor

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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On a routine assignment in Northern California, FBI agents Harry Harper and Ellen King discover a daring plot to burn down Washington, D.C. and annihilate the government. Leading the charge are a shadowy militia leader and an outlaw hacker, with militia groups from across the nation joining in, hell-bent on being the new Founding Fathers.
Harry and Ellen go undercover to try to derail their plans, but when Harry's cover is blown, he finds himself chained to a mysterious suitcase whose contents could reshape the future of America.
As Harry, the deadly suitcase, and the militia squads race towards D.C., Ellen has to dodge rogue elements in the FBI that are trying to kill her. Going underground, she rallies a select group of FBI agents to help her find Harry and stop the militia forces.
And it all collides on Torch Day.PRAISE FOR TORCH DAY"Torch Day includes a lot, I mean a lot of action. John Windsor ads a very interesting twist, which I will not reveal here. The ending is tense, which is why I read this genre." ··· Ken Crab

"Torch Day rings a true bell in our current world of espionage and crazy politics, with characters who last long after the read. They aren't plastic superheroes, they are normal people dealing with extraordinary circumstances--like us. Couldn't stop reading--disturbing and uplifting in the same breath. Like Shakespeare, the plot is complicated, the good guys aren't all good, and the bad guys, though not all bad, go beyond evil." ··· Kate Motley