Author: Jessica Allen

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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A Touching Romance To Warm You Soul
It had barely been a year since her parents had tragically passed away, but it was still so painful. Within a week of her eldest sister’s graduation, Jenna’s parents and their best friends had been the victims of a drunk driving accident. All four were horribly killed when the car that they had been travelling in had fallen off of a cliff on a foggy and rainy night. They had been trying to avoid the head-on collision with the other car.
Fire The Passion Inside Your Soul With This Sensual StoryJoey didn’t know what was urging him to, but he just wanted to reach out and stroke her brilliant bright hair, it looked like it was glowing, ready to burst into flames at any moment. A demonic pixie sent from heaven or hell, Joey didn’t know which, but no one else in the entire school even came close to her.
Thrilling Romance That Will Leave You Tingling

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