Author: Tristan Vick

Category: Contemporary Romance

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TOKYO, JAPAN… Masahiro Takaguchi is a senior in high school preoccupied with his college entrance exams. One day, while returning home for summer vacation, he meets a mysterious girl on the train who seduces him and, in the course of a single train ride, changes his life forever.Mika Arakida goes home every night to an abusive stepfather and worthless, drunken, mother who cares more about protecting her monster of a husband than her own daughter. When Mika’s stepfather forcibly breaks down her door and enters her bedroom one night, she fears the worst. But, luckily, Mika is well prepared and hatches a plan to escape years of abuse.

When Masahiro receives a strange summons from the police, he has no choice but to convene with a murderer who desires to speak with him. But who could she be? The only way to get to the bottom of the mystery is to go meet with the killer and find out what she wants.