Author: Connie Philips

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Alexa, a self-employed and ambitious financial consultant, soon realizes her contract with Patrick Gordon is not going to be like any job she’s ever had before. For a start, she has to fly to Cuba to meet his errant father, Bruce. And Bruce just happens to be the most handsome and eligible bachelor Alexa has laid eyes upon in a long time. However, with her following his every move in her quest to fulfil her client, his son’s, requests, Alexa risks messing up any chances of possible romance. Though of course with sun, sand, sea, and a healthy dose of Cuban rum, it’s certainly difficult to stay professional at all times. Will Alexa get to the bottom of the mystery of why she has really been hired? And will she take the advice of the old lady she met on the plane and allow herself to fall in love?