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Timehack encompasses all of that – from the basic grocery list to meditation for clarity of mind, and projects that are undertaken for the simple enjoyment of them. It will also look at theories by a variety of business theorists, psychologists and philosophers, because the more things are different, the more they are the same. All of these things deal with developing a positive life/work balance that can improve productivity and have the potential to increase enjoyment of life.Managing time well is more than just wringing the maximum efficiency from every minute. It is bringing a sea change, a profound transformation that enables and enriches all parts of our lives.

The temptation was to work from the very simple to the complex and esoteric in creating this book; but the complex and esoteric drives the simple to complex planning, and the esoteric is non-productive without the actual work of developing a plan from the simple to the complex. Therefore, the simple and the complex are mingled together, connecting action with theory. Not all parts of this book will be suitable for everyone – but it will have a little something for everybody.

Through this book, you will be guided by the simple to apply, yet effectively tips & tricks on how to maximise your productivity and change your life for the better.