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Description:Millionaire Productivity At Your Fingertips! Exactly What You Will Learn… How To... Simplify and Organize Plan Your Way to Success The Power of Prioritization The Strength of Saying “No” The Power of Delegation AM/PM Rituals (‘Bookending’) How to be Flexible! This book has actionable instructions on how to use your time effectively, so as to maximize your productivity, and make success a way of life. Learn how to become more efficient at completing your tasks on-time, every-time. Ever wondered how super-successful people find the time to do everything while others procrastinate over the simplest task? Or how prolific authors can produce a ton of work in a few months? Imagine if you could emulate their success for your own benefit? Well, you can, with shockingly simple but effective habits, strategies, and a do it now mindset. It’s very useful to think like a productive person, do what a productive person does, and implement their wisdom and routines (if you wish to be productive and successful in your own life). Time management is the most essential and fundamental skill to learn as you work to achieve real success.