Author: H. Berkeley Rourke

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Captain Jim Cade, Lieutenant Jaime Ontiveros and Josie Du Puy of the Phoenix P.D. Homicide unit are engaged in a life and death struggle with a group of vigilante cops. The discovery of this group of killers is a task in itself, and the chase leads to a one by one apprehension of some of these killers and elimination of some of them within their own group. The idea of cops being vigilantes is so foreign to our psyche that it is hard to fathom. The idea, once dwelled upon by the reader for only a moment, becomes the reality of the story. You will love Josie Du Puy, hate her perhaps, want to see more of her perhaps, think she is without doubt a truly remarkable character and you will be right. You will laugh with her, love with her, cry with her, rage with her and fight with her against the stone cold killers. She will engage you as deeply as she does Jim Cade and Jaime Ontiveros, her bosses.