Author: Joseph Brewer

Category: Mysteries

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Murder. Arson. Revenge.Accused of being an accomplice in an insurance fraud scheme the leads to murder, former police inspector Shig Sato begins his own investigation to clear his name and free the hapless Kobayashi twins.

He soon discovers an autistic boy knows everything about the so-called 'perfect plan' - and that the boy’s life is in danger from a psychotic killer bent on revenge. The boy’s mother is frightened for her son, so Sato must walk a fine line between keeping the boy safe while solving the case.

For Sato, it becomes a race against time - find out who's behind the 'perfect plan' and save the child from a murderous madman.

Praise for 'The Thief's Mistake'

'Exquisitely plotted, realistic, and drenched in the cultural richness of late 20th century Tokyo.' - Chinky Malankis

'An entertaining mystery series.' - Robert Smith