Author: M.D. Massey

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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Gabby Mendoza just wants to be a normal teenage girl. Unfortunately, she’s facing some serious obstacles in the “normal” department...For one, she’s living out the zombie apocalypse in an underground bunker. Second, she’s been raised by her crazy ex-CIA uncle to be a petite zombie-killing machine.

And third—she’s not entirely human.

Now, Gabby has to help her borderline sociopathic uncle track down the one person who might be able to save the world from the paranormal apocalypse… before a werewolf or some other undead nightmare finds him first.

It’s a good thing Gabby packed plenty of ammo, because she’s gonna need it.

If you’re a fan of paranormal fantasy, zombie apocalypse end of the world novels, or post-apocalyptic werewolves and vampires, you’ll love spending time with Gabby Mendoza while she cuts her teeth as a zombie hunter.