Author: Matthew Barnes

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This book has been translated into English more times than any other book but the Bible Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching (or Way of Life) is one of the most cherished books ever written- a living treasure. In eighty-one short chapters, Lao Tzu left us with a manual for living. He was able to dissect and address the essential questions and dilemmas of existence and guide us through them to a life of understanding, cooperation, compassion and inner peace.The translation in your hand is a modern, simplified interpretation. One that updates the ancient language to a more modern understanding, yet without touching the spirit of Lao Tzu’s timeless work, or altering his guidance towards working with the principles of the Universe, instead of against them.Over fifteen hundred copies of this translation sold in one weekend!So grateful to Dr Matt for writing this book, very enlightening. I have gone back to it again and again. - W. Wicker, Linden TNDr. Barnes' lovely book has helped me in this long trek that we all make alone, even as we try our best to love what there is to love, and to find our center, even as the ground slips beneath our feet. - Janet DiDonatoSo many people suffer from what they consider to be "stressful" lives. Here is a book that will help the reader deal with whatever life throws his way. It is thought provoking and much easier to read than the title would lead one to think. I fully enjoyed reading it and am glad to have received it as a gift. I am ordering another to give as a gift. Many people would benefit from experiencing this read. - C. Catherwood, NCGrab your copy NOW!